Well, it’s here! My stunning a5 raspberry Finsbury! I’m in awe… I dont know where to start. It feels lovely, it’s perfect ‘in the box’ – $36!!! Come on! I was expecting something to be wrong – but no, big Fin is perfect!

It has come with wk per view in column format – I’m not so sure about that, but will give it a try. All I can think about is poor lil domino – all my hard work in filofunking down the sink. I have to be able to find some use for him! Surely!

I honestly have no idea where to begin, it’s perfect and on valentines day too! Better than the lotto ticket my man friend gave me!

I’m a bit nervous to even write in him. And I’m not even sure I want to funk him up – perfect just the way he is. Must be love!

Too excited – going to go cop another feel!

Over n out.