Great week! I met my Feb 10th deadline (banned myself from filofunking) and I won my eBay bid for a brand spanker a5 Raspberry Finsbury! $36 aus… Now that’s what I call a bargain!

Now the 3 – 5 day wait for it to arrive! Then to get my funk on again! Excited.

What else? My handsome lil man now has 2 front teeth, instead of one, and my handsome big man is on shocking hours for the valentines day rush (works at a flower auction) 😦 Can’t wait for Feb 15th. Busiest week since becoming a mumma bear (you should see lil domino – who doesn’t know yet quite what to do with himself when big fin arrives) so now to snuggle with my gorgeous lil boy – I have missed him so much!

Hope everyone has a big smile on their face this weekend, as I do!