What is a blog? I don’t really get it, but going to have a crack regardless. I’m guessing it’s a diary/journal that the world can see. I’m fascinated by the fact that someone somewhere might read this, and it’s a little exciting. Blog. I have to say, I’m not a fan of the word. Blog. It’s ugly. And it is one letter off bog. Yuck.

This…’space’ is going to be dedicated to procrastination. Yes, it’s Saturday night, and yes I should be working. I have a 10th Feb deadline that I’m terrified of not meeting, and yet here I am. I blame my Filofax.

I received a personal Domino Filofax for Christmas. I now have a very unhealthy obsession with my little black book. I have never kept a journal, and rarely used a planner effectively for longer than 3 days, whether it be paper or computer/phone based.

I made a pact with my little Domino. 2012 is going to be the year of organisation, and you my little black book, are going to make it happen for me. But first we have to funk you up.

I then made a fatal mistake. I googled

how to make my Filofax funky

I stumbled upon this blogspot Philofaxy and now find myself in my current predicament. I spend more time reading about other peoples filofaxes, and ideas for mine, that instead of being organised and productive, I have a pretty Filofax. Yes pretty, but am I happy with it? Yes and no. I’ve made my own dividers – 6 out of stuff I found around the house, and jan – dec out of postcards from my favorite places. Then I see amazing dividers and find out I am not as creative as I once imagined – and have the urge to change mine (keep in mind, I should be working).

Not only that, I now want more. I want an A5 Osterley. It’s a bit lot out of my price range, so I want an A5 anything real leather. Hello eBay. I’m yet to win, but I do spend a fair bit of time looking and bidding (again, I should be working).

I can say that I am more oranised. I can also say that making myself organised has been counterproductive. Once I get over this need to pretty-fy my Filo, or my new one when I get it i think I will finally have a system that works for me.

So there it is. My first… Space.